Corey Thornton Say's in today's society school violence is a reality!

Society in the new millennium is held hostage by fear, not from foreign terrorists, but from our own citizens. We read with alarm about a 13-year-old girl getting snatched from the security of her own bedroom in the middle of a slumber party and then killed. We hear about a church youth group in prayer suddenly gunned down by a crazed gunman. But perhaps what shocks and alarms us the most is the increasingly violent turn that our youngsters seem to be taking.

It involves more than the senseless and unending drive-by shootings of urban ethnic gang warfare. And it is more than the mounting body count of runaway youths strung out and overdosed on drugs. It is the perception that society is no longer in control of its destiny – that this next generation of youths is not just dazed and confused, not just those renegade kids; rather, they are armed and dangerous as well – the more unsettling suburban outlaws.

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