Corey Thornton supports drug sting in Pasco County killing teens to make a buck by selling k-2/Spice

An undercover drug sting in Pasco County has netted more than a dozen arrests.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said the suspects were selling synthetic marijuana.

”Our undercovers would say, ‘hey I want that stuff that’s like marijuana, I wanna get high, I want that stuff that will make a hallucinagenic’ and the clerks were reaching behind the counter, pulling it out and selling it. So they clearly knew what they were selling. We actually had one clerk say, ‘this is good stuff,’ another one said ‘I’m on it right now this stuff is really good,” Sheriff Nocco said.

They knew what they were doing. They were hiding the stuff behind the counter. They didn’t want law enforcement to see it. If they were proud of what they had, they would put it on display so everyone can see it.”


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