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Corey Thornton "A Prom queen was bullied and the prank backfires"!

Whitney Kropp told WNEM-TV she felt betrayed after some of her classmates at West Branch’s Ogemaw Heights High School suggested that her selection announced this month at the 800-student school was a joke. She said she had been picked on in the past, but it intensified afterward.

As word spread, however, community members rallied behind the sophomore. She’s expected appear at Friday’s homecoming football game. And The Detroit News reports businesses will buy her dinner, take her photo, fix her hair and nails, and dress her in a gown, shoes and a tiara for Saturday’s dance.

Whitney’s mother Bernice Kropp said the support has helped make a bad situation right in the community about 140 miles northwest of Detroit.”This was something that was really awful, could have ended awful, and because so many people came together, it just turned right around,” she said.

Jamie Kline, 35, started a Facebook support page, which drew hundreds of messages of encouragement. Shannon Champagne, 28, and another beauty salon worker offered their services and asked other businesses to do the same. And Donny Winter, an Ogemaw Heights graduate, made a YouTube video to show his support.

”Bullying cannot be resolved by silence, it has to be resolved by actually stating what’s happening and actually saying it’s wrong,” Winter said.


Corey Thornton supports Carwise Middle School "BULLYING is up to all of us to put an end to it"!


We Will Befriend You, We Will Defend You

What is bullying?
Bullying can be shoving, pushing, hitting or spitting. It can be name-calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at or excluding someone. Lately, bullying has spread to the internet. Cyber-bullying can involve writing messages or sending pictures on-line that are hurtful to another.
Bullying can be defined as being exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more students (Olweus, 1993). There are three key components to all bullying situations.
1. There is always a power differential between the bully and the victim
that is acquired through physical size, strength or status.

2. There is intent to harm; the child who is bullied is put in the
position of oppression by the child who bullies.

3. Finally, bullying is a repeated rather than singular event.

Who are the bullies?
Bullies are male and female, young and old. Are you a bully? Take a quiz on Moodle to find out if you fit the profile.

What is the faculty doing to prevent bullying?
• First and foremost, we have to know about bullying. Teachers don’t always see it happening. Talk to you student and remind them that if they see or experience bullying to tell a teacher, principal, guidance counselor or the SRO (School Resource Officer).
• Secondly, Click here to read a pledge the faculty of Carwise Middle school has signed. We are committed to making our school a safe place for all students.
• Third, the faculty is charged with monitoring student behavior, helping students to identify bullying behaviors and trying to teach students what to do if they encounter it.

What can students do to stop bullying?
• Do NOT stand by and let someone be bullied! Stand up and say STOP!
• Don’t be embarrassed if you have been bullied — Tell a member of the faculty.
• Try to walk away, if you are being bullied. Don’t get yourself in trouble by fighting back.
• Do not take part in any bully-type behavior.
• Try to make new friends – look for someone who really needs a friend and BEFRIEND them!
• Even if you don’t know someone who is being bullied, DEFEND them!

What can parents do if they suspect their child is being bullied; or if they suspect their child is a bully?
• Teach your children that bullying is NOT O.K. It is not kids just being kids.
• Teach your children to respect other people’s feelings.
• Teach your children to be brave and to stand up for themselves and other students.
• Get involved with the school and listen closely to what your student has to say.

Educate yourself!

Corey Thornton Detecting the signs of bullying!

City officials are taking a stand to put a stop to bullying.

During a weekend rally at Lake Eola, they hoped to prevent the tragedies seen around the country with children taking their own lives, after being victims of bullies.

For some, the issue is personal, because they’ve also been bullied.

Experts said in half of the cases where someone intervenes, the bullying stops.

Rick Moore, a parent of a child who experienced bullying and pastor as a local church, offered advice to participants in a live chat with News 13.

”Ask your child questions about bullying. Do they know what to do? Do they know what not to do? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Early detection is critical,” wrote Moore.

Others shared stories of how they dealt with bullies as a child themself or for their own children.

”@ Rick, my son did tell his teacher the first time. They separated the two and figured the problem solved… As for your other post, I wholeheartedly agree with martha. Most bullies feel bad or inadequate about themselves again most likely learned at home. It does seem to start younger and younger,” wrote Julie.


Corey Thornton A father who threatened his daughter's bullies.

James Jones had had enough of his daughter’s bullies.

He made national headlines when he got onto his 13-year-old daughter’s bus and threatened the students who had been picking on her. He was also arrested for the incident.

But Jones is now ready to rally the community against bullies.

Jones has organized a march against bullies, to be held next month in Sanford at his daughter’s school, Sunshine State School of Leadership.

”A year ago I’m fighting for my life. I could have been in jail to this day,” Jones told News 13 Friday. ”But right now we’ve had this opportunity to promote against bullying we’re on the verge of a big breakthrough, I think.”

Jones never went to jail. He recieved probation, a fine, and was required to taked an anger management and victim awareness class.

Jones and his daughter Chatari have spoken at national anti-bullying events, and on national television since the incident. He has recieved help from parents all over the world who sympathized with his situation.

The October 7th walk will go from the Sunshine State School of Leadership to Seminole County school board headquarters.


Corey Thornton supports Jillian Jenson discovery on X Factor was bullied in school.

Here comes the tears! Jillian’s a Demi fan with a matching “Stay Strong” tattoo but not because it was just the cool thing to do but because she has a similar back story. She conquered bullies and is now looking to make music and get her shot at fame. Jillian’s a bit of an emotional puddle while singing Jessie J’s “Who You Are” but there is major potential there. Demi gets up to console the emotional singer and tears won’t stop now! Everyone absolutely loves her and she gets an easy four yeses. We must put a stop to bullying God bless Jillian.

You can help me put a stop to bullying by book me for a performance @

Or Click the link below and download the song on I-tunes! Jillian

Corey Thornton "October is National Bullying Prevention Month"!

Though some may dismiss bullying as “just a part of growing up,” the truth is that bullying is an abusive behavior that has serious consequences for all involved. Bullying can be disastrous for victims. Students who are targeted by bullies report low self-esteem, depression, living in fear and torment, poor academic achievement and emotional turmoil.

The consequences of bullying extend to bystanders as well. Witnesses to bullying often suffer from feelings of helplessness and poor coping and problem-solving skills. Studies show that children who witness bullying incidents experience significant fear and anxiety. The bully himself faces consequences such as poor social and emotional adjustment, isolation, poor performance in school and an increased likelihood to commit crimes later in life.

National Bullying Prevention Month is the perfect time to take action to stamp out bullying. As students learn to recognize bullying behaviors, understand what motivates bullies, devise new strategies for standing up to bullies and realize the need to seek adult help, the school climate will become the safe place for growth that each student deserves. Human Relations Media has video resources for all grade levels to help you and your students bully-proof your school.


Corey Thornton @ Connect for Respect PTA "Bullying"


Parents and caring adults can play pivotal roles in creating a healthy school and community climate that is free of bullying. By working together, educators, parents, concerned citizens, business leaders, advocates, and community members can support the implementation of bullying prevention programs, reinforce bullying prevention messages, and advocate for bullying policies to be implemented. This collaboration is critical as bullying happens everywhere that young people gather, including online, via text, and in social networks. PTA® leaders and parents can play an important role in convening community conversations to build awareness of this as an important issue and to take action to stop bullying in your communities.  

Corey Thornton Supports "Breaking News" Chicago teachers on strike!

CHICAGO – Thousands of teachers walked off the job Monday in Chicago, the third-largest U.S. school district, as city officials prepared to look after thousands of students who could end up wandering unsafe streets. Some 26,000 teachers and support staff were expected to join the picket after union leaders announced they were far from resolving a contract dispute with school district officials.


School Rock's & Most Definitely Teachers Rock!

Corey Thornton Supports Pres. Barack Obama is coming to St. Pete College


The Seminole Campus at St. Petersburg College is a buzz as it prepares to host President Barack Obama. On the heels of the Democratic National Convention,  President Barack Obama is bringing his campaign to the college Saturday. He will make an appearance at the campus's Natural Habitat Park Field. “It’s the real deal, we’d like to think it’s all been practice and once he got renominated he chose us first to start his campaign, so that’s how we’re playing it,” Dr. Bill Law, President of St. Petersburg College, said.

Law also stated he’s still not sure why the president chose his college, but he sure is happy he did. “The real problem for me is not that students are either republican or democrat," said Law. "It’s that students don’t participate so anything that gets students involved in the process I’m all for.” The group of people who waited outside in line for tickets on Wednesday felt the buzz. Many are folks who live in Seminole and want to see the President for the first time.

President Obama Talks About Supporting Education!

Corey Thornton Stop Bullying Video Challenge!

Kids witness bullying every day. Tell us how you can be more than a bystander and help kids who are involved in bullying. Bullying can affect everyone- those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. The Federal Partners for Bullying Prevention is a workgroup comprised of 9 departments, with 34 offices within those 9 departments. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Federal Partners are launching this video challenge to help prevent and end bullying in schools and communities across the nation.