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Archive for December 2012

Corey Thornton Sending LOVE to Sandy Hook Elementary

We are sending our prayers and LOVE to everyone at Sandy Hook Elementary…May all students, teachers, and administration rest in PEACE! The world is full of so much chaos, not just inside schools but outside as well…I believe in my heart we need to show LOVE as a county. Stop all the violence and start showing some LOVE! This will create world PEACE. God bless Corey Thornton


Corey Thornton Pinellas County 5000 Role Models

All my 5000 Role Model Students made the Honor Role. We meet once a week to talk about modeling leadership skills in and out of school.. Just a little of your time with students makes a world of difference.!    

Corey Thornton 5000 Role Models Of Excellence!

Corey,Daryl and Martez showing leadership support to our 5000 Role Models at New Heights Elementary.


Corey Thornton @ Carwise Middle School

These are (Top selling fundraiser students) at Carwise Middle School. They received backstage passes and signed autographed pictures of Corey and SGC Dance Kru!! We had a blast…