Corey Thornton on Bay News 9


A Pinellas County rap artist is using his words and rhymes to inspire kids and encourage them to stay in school. As part of the district-wide attendance awareness campaign, rapper Corey Thornton performed for children at Pinellas Park Elementary School on Thursday.

Rapper Corey Thonton encouraged attendance and anti-bullying The Thursday event was held at Pinellas Park Elementary "I have a passion of motivating and inspiring and educating students to stay in school, be proactive, make smart choices," Thornton said.

Thornton said he wants to use his voice to encourage kids to stay in school and on the right track. He also teaches about anti-bullying.

RELATED: More Good News "We start to plant these seeds of attendance and importance of being in school every day, it carries on through the rest of their life," said Superintendent Dr. Michael Grego.

Through dances, songs and interactive activities, Thornton said he wants them to remember his words and rhythm anytime they’re feeling a little off beat.

"The more they feel involved, the more you can reach them on a level where they are and create that change, and that's what I'm about,” Thornton said.

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