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Archive for August 2018

Corey Thornton @ Authentic Martial Arts Captain "LUAU Party" - Seminole Campus

Corey Thornton Productions @ Authentic Martial Arts Captain "LUAU Party"

Corey Thornton @ Lealman Elementary R' Club Summer Camp

Corey Thornton @ Lealman Elementary for summer camp! 

Pasadena Fundamental Elementary - Corey Thornton

Corey Thornton Performs @ Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School. 

Corey Thornton @ Blanton Elementary

Corey Thornton Productions - Each presentation is informative and relates to all the issues kids are dealing with. We “edutain” students of all ages on how to lead a successful life, stay in school and ultimately graduate!


Corey Thornton @ Skyview Elementary R'Club Summer camp!

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Corey Thornton @ Gulfport Elementary New Playground Grand Opening!

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