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About Me

Corey Thornton was born in Saint Petersburg Florida. He graduated from Gibbs High School and attended classes in the Performing Center for the Arts Program. This is where his passion for “edutaining” began. His love of music and performing developed into his motivating and encouraging presentation for at risk youth.

Corey has mentored and encouraged children of all ages to do the right thing for over ten years. Corey believes he has a special gift to convey a positive message through his music and lyrics. Youth of all ages can relate to his songs about the things all of them are facing in their daily lives. The thing that Corey enjoys the most is the feedback from the parents telling him thanks for caring and motivating my child.

Corey has seen first hand the increased need of support by the school system to stop bullying, drug use and inappropriate behaviors. Corey feels NOW is the time to push the messages of getting your work done saying no to drugs, knowing how serious bullying is, showing & earning respect and ultimately graduating from school!

Corey has been recognized for his efforts by many news and media outlets. His message has won awards for “Outstanding Contributions” Educational Hero” and “Citizen Of The Month” by numerous community groups. His undying dedication to at risk youth is commendable and a true community enhancement.