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Corey Thornton @ Gulf Beaches Elementary to share his knowledge with our kids about bullying.

Treasure Island Fun Center - Corey Thornton Productions

Corey Thornton @ Tampa BridgePrep Academy

Corey Thornton @Tampa BridgePrep Academy

Corey Thornton @ Athenian Academy School

Corey Thornton @ Athenian Academy Charter School

NFL Player plays bass guitar for New Heights Elementary Students

Former NFL Player Ron Edwards New Heights Elementary 

Corey Thornton @ Walsingham Elementary for Anti- Bully School Concert

Walsingham Elementary Anti-Bully Concert! 

Corey Thornton @ Red Bug Elementary Make Them Days Count Music Video 2018

Red Bug Elementary - Make Them Day Count 

Corey Thornton @ Bay Point Elementary - Make Them Days Count Music Video 2018

Bay Point Elementary - Make Them Days Count 

Corey Thornton @ Bear Creek Elementary FSA - FCAT School Pep Rally


My mission is to inspire, motivate and educate our youth through music. I emphasize positive messages such as courage, confidence, respect, and honor using Hip Hop to translate these important qualities.


Pasadena Fundamental Elementary "Defend A Friend" Kick Off Music Video by Corey Thornton

Defend A Friend Kick Off Pasadena Fundamental Elementary!