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Corey Thornton likes The Bully Official Trailer!

The Don't Bully Me Music Video Featuring Corey Thornton


Corey Thornton Say's in today's society school violence is a reality!

Society in the new millennium is held hostage by fear, not from foreign terrorists, but from our own citizens. We read with alarm about a 13-year-old girl getting snatched from the security of her own bedroom in the middle of a slumber party and then killed. We hear about a church youth group in prayer suddenly gunned down by a crazed gunman. But perhaps what shocks and alarms us the most is the increasingly violent turn that our youngsters seem to be taking.

It involves more than the senseless and unending drive-by shootings of urban ethnic gang warfare. And it is more than the mounting body count of runaway youths strung out and overdosed on drugs. It is the perception that society is no longer in control of its destiny – that this next generation of youths is not just dazed and confused, not just those renegade kids; rather, they are armed and dangerous as well – the more unsettling suburban outlaws.

Corey Thornton - Guns in schools more often than most parents know!

Students were expelled or suspended from a Washington state public school 45 times last year for bringing a handgun to class, according…The guns were found in large and small districts, and rural and urban areas. The problem is nothing new for Washington state, according to the ”Weapons In School Report: 2010-11 School Year.”

Although state statistics on other weapons — from knives to shotguns — show a downward trend over the past decade, the numbers of handgun incidents have remained steady around 45 to 47 over the past 10 years.

School safety experts warn, however, that these school statistics, and recent incidents including the accidental shooting of a girl in a Bremerton classroom, give school officials just a glimpse of a bigger problem.
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Corey Thornton -School Violence: Data & Statistics

The first step in preventing school violence is to understand the extent and nature of the problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Justice gather and analyze data from a variety of sources to gain a more complete understanding of school violence.

While shocking and senseless shootings give the impression of dramatic increases in school-related violence, national surveys consistently find that school-associated homicides have stayed essentially stable or even decreased slightly over time.

According to the CDC’s School Associated Violent Death Study, less than 1 percent of all homicides among school-age children happen on school grounds or on the way to and from school. So the vast majority of students will never experience lethal violence at school.

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Corey Thornton - School bus routes altered during the RNC

Hillsborough County students headed back to class for the first day of school today and some have some very unusual bus routes. The district has altered some routes to deal with RNC road closures and news channel it’s — spoke with parents about those changes. He also talked to the superintendent who offered some valuable advice.

Your son Davis islands — their children to the bus stop this morning they knew the ride to school. Please be a bit –

A lot of concern early then mostly because of the safety. Make sure our kids are safe around what’s your other school. And getting another card of the cars.

There are others that didn’t seem so horrible — they’ve been reassuring in the sense that there’s going to be a security person — whatever. But just for the sake of delays and everything they want the kids right.

Taking care of all the different options and that’s realities that could happen again very good job.

hide this morning that drop off went as planned. Other schools dealing with the longer — your bus rides include Gloria elementary and Wilson middle. Superintendent Mary Ellen — says. The district wanted to have the alternate routes in place before. Next week.

Today. So that next week when the RNC is into. Than those buses would be if I’m the same — having done it four days before this actually begins.

And — school officials are telling parents who live in and around downtown Tampa Bay is happier child. Take the bus to school even if he — she doesn’t normally take the bus the reason they’re gonna be traffic issues all over the city during the RNC. And if your child’s bus is late to school. Here she will not get a — if you’re taking your child to school and you’re late here — Will get a tardy. In — I triple south — news channel it. The school system is also communicating with parents via the district web site FaceBook and Twitter.
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Corey Thornton - After School Kicks

Corey Thornton having fun with the kidz sporting our silly bandz. We had a pizza party, dance contest, and played games…It was a great night of fun…God bless and shoot 4 stars.

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Corey Thornton Live @ Blanton Elementary Fall Festival.

We had a great in the dark at school rocking out at Fall Fest. It was a
awesome night with family, fun, food and games. Hosted by Blanton Elementary Live with Corey Thornton aka Knuckleheadz!

Corey Thornton - Radio Disney AM 1380

Corey Thornton live at the Educational Media Awards hosted by Radio Disney. We were performing my hit song Rep-Ur-School. It was allot of fun that day…Special thanks to Pinellas County Schools..God bless

Corey Thornton Pinellas County School Board " EMA" AWARDS.

Live at the Educational Media Awards hosted by Pinellas County Schools.
I Corey Thornton was performing my hit song Get-UR Work Done. This song explains the importance of staying in school. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate our rapidly growing numbers of at risk youth. Many youth are exposed to violence and community influences that negatively effect their ability to make positive choices.


Corey Thornton - Partners with Chanel Torres on fetal alcohol syndrome

My name is Chanel Torres. I was born with FAS. My mission is to help those who are living and dealing with FAS and to stop FAS in unborn babies. To do this, I spend my free time giving presentations at local schools, hospitals, Juvenile Detention Centers, nursing programs and many other facilities. I educate as many people as I can on FAS and to give them a chance to get to know me and my struggles and to help spread the word about FAS.

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