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Corey Thornton @ Fairmount Park Elementary

Dear Corey Thornton,

I just wanted to thank you for your performance last week at Fairmount Park Elementary. Your reinforcing our anti-bully message to the students was the perfect way to kick off our bully prevention program here at Fairmount Park. The students had so much fun participating in your songs and dances, as they heard the importance of staying bully free.

Keep up the good work in helping spread the message to kids that it’s “cool to stay in school” and to treat everyone (especially their teachers!) with respect. What a wonderful gift you are giving the students of Pinellas County!

Thanks again, and we hope to see you back at Fairmount Park in the near future.


Kim Goldberg
Guidance Counselor at Fairmount Park Elementary


Corey Thornton @ Blanton Elementary!

Thank you for another wonderful year with Blanton Elementary School. Your
Commitment to the students has helped them excel, not only in their classrooms but in their personal lives as well.

Your shows have been the highlight of our school year. Every grade level can enjoy and appreciate the message in your music.” Pull your pants up” and “Red Flag” are a few of our favorites at Blanton Elementary School. It was wonderful having you here for our FCAT pep rally to keep the students focused on task at hand in a fun way. The students left believing that “I’m gonna pass the FCAT-You’re gonna pass the FCAT-
Were gonna pass the FCAT”…Your show was truly an inspiration for them.

We are so fortunate that you have taking the mentor training class for Pinellas County Schools. It’s not every day that a volunteer takes on the task of mentoring a group of 12 young men and encouraging them to do the right thing with their lives. You have helped them all achieve academic success as well as improved self-esteem.

We look forward to another year of Partnering with you. Highest student achievement and life-long learning for students of all abilities are the goals of the faculty and staff at Blanton Elementary School. This educational initiative in strengthened by the collaborative relationship with you. Than you for another great year.

By Deborah Turner The Principal @ Blanton Elementary


Corey Thornton Supports Blended Learning is a new way of Approaches for students

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Corey Thornton Supports The Danger Of Text-Messaging While Driving!

We emphasize positive messages such as being proactive when making choices, like Text & Driving, courage, confidence, respect, and honor using Hip Hop to translate these important qualities. According to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, instant and text messaging while driving leads the list as the biggest distraction while driving.


Corey Thornton Supports Texting While Driving Statistics Amongst Teens!

We emphasize positive messages such as courage, confidence, respect, and honor using Hip Hop to translate these important qualities. Survey by Nationwide – 19 percent of motorists say they text message while driving. According to the AAA’s survey of teen drivers, 46 percent of the teens text message while driving and 51 percent talk on cell phones while driving. These are frightful statistics. The AAA reports that car and traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 20 years old.

We encourage the youth to be proactive when making choices through Hip Hop Music!

Call for Booking: 727-289-9552

Corey Thornton LinkedIn Profile


Corey Thornton Supports Bully (2011 film)

The film’s director, Lee Hirsch, was a victim of bullying as a child and decided to make a documentary so that the hidden lives of bullied children would be brought into the open. He approached the nonprofit organization Fractured Atlas, which gave him partial funding for the film. Significant additional funding was provided by Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, The Fledgling Fund, BeCause Foundation and Gravity Films. The film’s music was composed by Ion Michael Furjanic (former member of the band Force Theory) and indie band Bishop Allen.
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Corey Thornton "School Rock Music Video"

High School students rocking out making school fun.

Corey Thornton Reports On Dozens arrested in undercover synthetic marijuana bust!

A list of convenience stores busted for selling synthetic marijuana

Citgo, 3939 Land O’Lakes Blvd, Land O’ Lakes
Tobacco and Beverage Store, 5051 U.S. 19
Pure Gas 5317 Mile Stretch Road, Holiday
St. Torados, 5400 Mile Stretch, Holiday
Mobile, 1940 U.S. 19, Holiday
BP, 4109 Land O’Lakes Boulevard, Land O’ Lakes
Kangaroo, 6226 Rowan Road, New Port Richey
Wasabi Smoke Shop, 10712 County Line Road, Hudson
Chevron 6222, State Road 54, New Port Richey
Congress Food Mart, 7510 Congress Street, New Port Richey
BP, 18232 U.S. Highway 301, Dade City
PK’s Convenience Store 38141 Trilby Road, Dade City
Metro Gas, 9011 Little Road, Port Richey
Sunoco, Little Road/Old County Road 54, New Port Richey

For those stores still selling synthetic marijuana; Sheriff Nocco has this message for them:

“Stop selling or we’re gonna keep coming in your store and we’re gonna buy it from you and next time we’re gonna come and arrest you,” he said.


Corey Thornton supports drug sting in Pasco County killing teens to make a buck by selling k-2/Spice

An undercover drug sting in Pasco County has netted more than a dozen arrests.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said the suspects were selling synthetic marijuana.

”Our undercovers would say, ‘hey I want that stuff that’s like marijuana, I wanna get high, I want that stuff that will make a hallucinagenic’ and the clerks were reaching behind the counter, pulling it out and selling it. So they clearly knew what they were selling. We actually had one clerk say, ‘this is good stuff,’ another one said ‘I’m on it right now this stuff is really good,” Sheriff Nocco said.

They knew what they were doing. They were hiding the stuff behind the counter. They didn’t want law enforcement to see it. If they were proud of what they had, they would put it on display so everyone can see it.”