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Corey Thornton @ Gulf Beaches Elementary to share his knowledge with our kids about bullying.

Corey Thornton supports Jillian Jenson discovery on X Factor was bullied in school.

Here comes the tears! Jillian’s a Demi fan with a matching “Stay Strong” tattoo but not because it was just the cool thing to do but because she has a similar back story. She conquered bullies and is now looking to make music and get her shot at fame. Jillian’s a bit of an emotional puddle while singing Jessie J’s “Who You Are” but there is major potential there. Demi gets up to console the emotional singer and tears won’t stop now! Everyone absolutely loves her and she gets an easy four yeses. We must put a stop to bullying God bless Jillian.

You can help me put a stop to bullying by book me for a performance @

Or Click the link below and download the song on I-tunes! Jillian

Corey Thornton "October is National Bullying Prevention Month"!

Though some may dismiss bullying as “just a part of growing up,” the truth is that bullying is an abusive behavior that has serious consequences for all involved. Bullying can be disastrous for victims. Students who are targeted by bullies report low self-esteem, depression, living in fear and torment, poor academic achievement and emotional turmoil.

The consequences of bullying extend to bystanders as well. Witnesses to bullying often suffer from feelings of helplessness and poor coping and problem-solving skills. Studies show that children who witness bullying incidents experience significant fear and anxiety. The bully himself faces consequences such as poor social and emotional adjustment, isolation, poor performance in school and an increased likelihood to commit crimes later in life.

National Bullying Prevention Month is the perfect time to take action to stamp out bullying. As students learn to recognize bullying behaviors, understand what motivates bullies, devise new strategies for standing up to bullies and realize the need to seek adult help, the school climate will become the safe place for growth that each student deserves. Human Relations Media has video resources for all grade levels to help you and your students bully-proof your school.


Corey Thornton @ Connect for Respect PTA "Bullying"


Parents and caring adults can play pivotal roles in creating a healthy school and community climate that is free of bullying. By working together, educators, parents, concerned citizens, business leaders, advocates, and community members can support the implementation of bullying prevention programs, reinforce bullying prevention messages, and advocate for bullying policies to be implemented. This collaboration is critical as bullying happens everywhere that young people gather, including online, via text, and in social networks. PTA® leaders and parents can play an important role in convening community conversations to build awareness of this as an important issue and to take action to stop bullying in your communities.  

Corey Thornton Supports "Breaking News" Chicago teachers on strike!

CHICAGO – Thousands of teachers walked off the job Monday in Chicago, the third-largest U.S. school district, as city officials prepared to look after thousands of students who could end up wandering unsafe streets. Some 26,000 teachers and support staff were expected to join the picket after union leaders announced they were far from resolving a contract dispute with school district officials.


School Rock's & Most Definitely Teachers Rock!

Corey Thornton Supports Pres. Barack Obama is coming to St. Pete College


The Seminole Campus at St. Petersburg College is a buzz as it prepares to host President Barack Obama. On the heels of the Democratic National Convention,  President Barack Obama is bringing his campaign to the college Saturday. He will make an appearance at the campus's Natural Habitat Park Field. “It’s the real deal, we’d like to think it’s all been practice and once he got renominated he chose us first to start his campaign, so that’s how we’re playing it,” Dr. Bill Law, President of St. Petersburg College, said.

Law also stated he’s still not sure why the president chose his college, but he sure is happy he did. “The real problem for me is not that students are either republican or democrat," said Law. "It’s that students don’t participate so anything that gets students involved in the process I’m all for.” The group of people who waited outside in line for tickets on Wednesday felt the buzz. Many are folks who live in Seminole and want to see the President for the first time.

President Obama Talks About Supporting Education!

Corey Thornton Stop Bullying Video Challenge!

Kids witness bullying every day. Tell us how you can be more than a bystander and help kids who are involved in bullying. Bullying can affect everyone- those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. The Federal Partners for Bullying Prevention is a workgroup comprised of 9 departments, with 34 offices within those 9 departments. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Federal Partners are launching this video challenge to help prevent and end bullying in schools and communities across the nation.

Corey Thornton supports Gov. Rick Scott signed the $70 billion budget into law that adds $1 billion for public schools.

We must get students fired up about getting an EDUCATION! Corey Thornton "Presents" Get -Ur- Work Done the music video to motivate students not only to stay in but graduate also. Rick-Scott

Corey Thornton Supports Sandra Fluke who took a stand against being BULLIED as a women!

Rush Limbaugh just can’t resist bringing up Sandra Fluke, the law student he infamously attacked because of her stances on birth control. He implied that he deserved credit for bringing Fluke further into the public eye by calling her a ”slut” and a ”prostitute.” Fluke referred to Limbaugh’s comments about her during her Wednesday night address.

She said the future could bring a president who won’t stand up to extreme voices in his own party, or it could bring one where women can’t be charged more than men for the same health coverage. Fluke, a law student whom congressional Republicans would not let testify at a hearing on contraceptives, said if Republicans win in the fall, women will wake up to ”an America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it, in which politicians redefine rape.”


Bullies are not just in schools but [The Real World Also] Take a Stand to Prevent Bullying!



Corey Thornton Supports Govt. Charlie Crist who stood up for many teachers in Florida against merit-based pay...

Speaking of Gov. Charlie Crist we cant forget he courageously stood up to members of his own political party by vetoing Senate Bill 6. Florida Legislature in just five weeks that would have revolutionized how public school teachers are paid and evaluated. The bill embraced reasonable concepts but was fatally flawed in the way it implemented them. The next time Republican legislators tackle these issues, they should invite educators to help work out the details.

Lawmakers are right to want to modernize Florida’s teaching profession so that the best teachers are well paid and the worst are fired. But Crist was right that the solution cannot be built inside the Legislature’s echo chamber. He did not stand up for teacher unions Thursday; he stood up for teachers and for real reform. He stood up to arrogant Republican legislators and influential business groups who refused to listen. Instead of criticizing the governor for exposing their failures, legislative leaders should begin again, this time in collaboration with the education community.

Bullies are not just in schools but the work place also. Together lets make a Stand!


Corey Thornton & Lego man @ The EMA Awards!

Corey Thornton and Lego Man Live at the EMA Awards in 2012.