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Corey Thornton @ Gulf Beaches Elementary to share his knowledge with our kids about bullying.

Corey Thornton Positive Impact Worldwide Ministries

Today I will be speaking at Positive Impact Worldwide Ministries.
My subjects will be about: God, Jesus our lord , Love, RESPECT, Bully Prevention, and the importance of staying in school.

**2750 34th Street, St. Pete, FL 33711**
When: Friday, August 17, 2012
Time: 7pm Hope to see you out God bless


Corey Thornton Bullied autistic boy unable to watch "Bully The Movie"

Eric Colflesh, of Land O’ Lakes, can relate. At 11 years old, he said he has been bullied in school because he’s autistic; the bullies would poke fun at him for not having friends.

”I can easily get anxious and mad from certain situations,” Eric said. ”I verbally get bullied.”Eric has seen a number of other students bullied, too.

He considers bullying child abuse and said bullies are just people who are jealous of other people.

”They know that they’re going to succeed in life. They try to take advantage of them so they don’t end up having a good future,” Eric said.

After hearing about the movie, Colflesh wanted to see it. Due to an R rating, he couldn’t. So Eric, with help from his mother, joined a social media campaign to help change the movie’s rating.

Eric and many others gathered more than 500,000 signatures online. In April, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) changed the movie’s rating to PG-13.

Colflesh felt a definite sense of accomplishment. ”Thousands of kids get bullied each year,” Eric said, ”and it needs to be stopped.”

Now he wants to create his own documentary on bullying. He will make the venture part of his Boy Scout project. He hopes to take a look at taking a stand against bullies in his documentary.

”Don’t let go of your goal in life. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Take A Stand And Join The Anti-Bully Movement!

Eric Colflesh Takes A Stand Against Bullies!


Corey Thornton - Say No 2 Bullies & Yes 2 Peace & Love! God Bless All School Students!

Live At The Florida PTA Leadership Conference!


Corey Thornton Dress For Success!

K-H edutainment promotes (Dressing For Success) during our school performances. This encourages young men to start pulling up their pants while in school. Many times I tell students you never know who may be watching you… Nowadays you can miss out on a great opportunity because you did not dressed properly for that occasion.

Corey Thornton - This is My Bible featuring Pastor Joel Osteen

I believe in order to make the world a better place we must start with the Bible. This is the key that helped me to become a better man. We must learn to love one another in order to move forward as a country…God bless you

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Corey Thornton Edutainment Keeps Students Engaged!

Corey Thornton -FCAT Song used to Motivate Students!

A great tool used to motivate students to do well on the FCAT by playing the music in Class.

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Corey Thornton - Educational Hip Hop Music For Students

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Corey Thornton - School Motivation

Book Corey Thornton to edutain and motivate your youth!

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School Rocks!


Corey Thornton - Download the Bully Me The Song!

Now Is The Time For A World Wide Don’t Bully Me Movement.
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