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Corey Thornton @ Gulf Beaches Elementary to share his knowledge with our kids about bullying.

Corey Thornton Don't Bully Me

Corey Thornton The Mode of School Bullying

Physical bullying is bullying that takes the form of physical abuse, such as pushing, shoving, hitting, fighting, spitting, and tripping. Threats of physical harm and attempts to force people to act in ways they would prefer not to are also included.
• Emotional bullying is bullying that involves factors other than physical interaction, such as insults, derogatory remarks, name calling, and teasing. Also included are attempts to ostracize the victim, such as being left out or ignored, which is sometimes referred to as social bullying, as distinguished from verbal bullying. Emotional bullying could also take the form of purposely misplacing or hiding someones belongings. Emotional bullying can be done in person or through cyber bulling

Don't Bully Me!


Corey Thornton Facts About School Bullying

The NCES report reveals that
• There is noticeably more bullying in middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8) than in senior high school
• Emotional bullying is the most prevalent type of bullying, with pushing/shoving/tripping/spitting on someone being second
• Cyberbullying is – for the middle grade levels – the least prominent type of bullying, but it is greater in the last three years of high school than in grades 6 – 9
• Most school bullying occurs inside the school, a lesser amount on school property, and even less on the school bus. The least occurs in other areas
• Middle school students, and particularly 6th graders, were most likely to be bullied on the bus
• Sixth graders were the most likely students to sustain an injury from bullying, with middle schoolers more likely to be injured than high school students and the percentage going down every grade from 6 to 12
• Victims of bullying display a range of responses, even many years later, such as:
1. Low self-esteem
2. Difficulty in trusting others
3. Lack of assertiveness
4. Aggression
5. Difficulty controlling anger
6. Isolation

Corey Thornton Karen Klein bullied on school bus by students

GREECE, N.Y. The student bullying of a suburban Rochester bus aide drove her to tears and the video has drawn nationwide outrage. School officials and police responded Thursday in the town of Greece.
Police are investigating the behavior of the four middle school students. But when you get right down to it, the students are 13-years-old, they’re juveniles, and the insults they taunted the bus aide with do not seem to constitute any criminal activity. However, school officials believe it did violate the district’s code of conduct.
Karen Klein, the 68-year-old grandmother of eight who withstood the relentless taunts, described the onslaught as, ”Like living outside my body. It’s not like this is me that this is happening to.”
She is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support coming in from all corners of the country. Her ordeal, recorded by a student on a cell phone, of threats and insults was spread around the world over the internet. Police and school officials are investigating.



Corey Thornton Using Music for teaching

Many students love music no matter what race or ethnic background. Students love music so much they feel they have to have it playing while in school. I see them periodically with their I-Pods and headphones “Jamming” while switching classes. Some even listen to music in class. In elementary school I struggled with keeping focused while learning. I was referred to an alternative middle school at the end of my 5th grade year. I’m glad my mother and I made that choice to change schools. Parents play a big role in a child’s education. When I enrolled at Lealman Intermediate my school atmosphere was changed for the better. We had to carry these different color note cards that tracked our daily behaviors. Each color represented how well we stayed on task. Each night we had to have them signed by parents to show our daily progress. This worked for some students that had good home support. Currently, there lacks much home school support! That’s where music comes in… Music was a great tool that helped me get back on track. I found that out by Mr. Raymond Payne the musical theater teacher at Lealman Intermediate. I mentioned earlier many students love music. This class really helped excel student’s academics, not only in their classrooms but in their personal lives as well. We were taught the lyrics to musicals and tap dancing routines all year which many students loved. But in order to make “The Big Show” at the end of the year. It was mandatory that you had to have good grades. That was like a light bulb that went off in my head. Each grading period I made “Honor Role” and sometimes “Principals List”. I surely did not want bad grades to stop my chance of showing off my talents...And of course I made the “Big Show” and placed top dancer for two consecutive years. As I look back years later music was the key for motivating me and keeping me engaged in school. Again special thanks to my “Music Teacher” Mr. Raymond Payne. Sometimes I wonder what if I had not joined music class. Where would I be? Life now is more challenging and full of distractions for students. I can honestly say music was they key for me. I recommend that music be used as a tool for helping teachers to keep students engaged in their academics. I encourage teachers to try it and watch how you can shift a classroom atmosphere. I’m Corey Thornton and I approve this Blog.

Corey Thornton Channel 10 local news

St. Petersburg, Florida - There's much more to Corey Thornton than an interesting tune. The rapper uses his lyrics to spread the word about stopping bullying, not using drugs and staying in school. Thornton performs at schools across Tampa Bay. His message is one parents approve -- as it's similar to theirs. Kids can 'get in the groove' with him as well because he's not their parent and deliver the message with meaning in a lingo they understand. Written by Carolyn Dolcimascolo Click here to watch link