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About Our Non-Profit Organization

The Mission of K-H Edutainment is to inspire, motivate and educate our next generation.  Our goal is to reach today’s youth through music, mentoring and real life conversations. We proactively teach and encourage them to lead a positive and productive life. Our musical lyrics are positive, catchy and engage everyone. Each presentation is informative and relates to all the issues students are dealing with. We “edutain” youth of all ages on how to lead a successful life, stay in school and ultimately graduate!

In today’s society there are so many negative influences and peer pressures. Positive role models are a necessity for our youth to be successful. K-H Edutainment believes that if we can get to them early enough we can make a difference in their life.

We are actively seeking partners to help us with our mission.   If you would like to partner with K-H Edutainment with your time, resources or financial donations please contact us:

Corey Thornton Productions P.O. Box 86032 Madeira Beach, FL 33738 Business Phone: (727)-289-9552

Your donation of any type is greatly appreciated and may be a tax deductible contribution. We thank you in advance.