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My Mission

Corey Thornton started with a vision of creating a brighter safer future for our young adults. My mission is to inspire, motivate and educate our youth through music. Many youth are exposed to violence and community influences that negatively effect their ability to make positive choices. I emphasize positive messages such as courage, confidence, respect, and honor using Hip Hop to translate these important qualities. We have had great success “edutaining” throughout the Pinellas, Manatee, Hillsborough, Polk, Orange, Seminole and Hernando County School systems. Corey Thornton has been recognized as “Best Educators of The Year” Pinellas County School District, and by Bay news 9 as “Educational Heroes” as well as numerous other awards. My vision is to continue inspiring everyone not just a few thousand but millions, especially our rapidly growing future adults across the world.
  • My Services and Community Outreach

  • Corey Thornton PCCPTA Diversity Committee Chair

    Corey Thornton is actively involved with the PCCPTA. He serves as the Diversity Committee Chair. His role is to educate and create an awareness about different types of people, ideas and beliefs. Working for the collective good of our communities by uniting people together from different races and backgrounds to bring about positive change.