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Corey Thornton @ Shore Acers Elementary

Corey Thornton @ Shore Acers Elementary

Corey Thornton St. Pete. Times New Paper

Douglas R. Clifford | Times

Corey Thornton @ Bardmoor Elementary for Attendance Awareness Pep Rally!

Corey Thornton @ Sanderlin PK-8 School - Attendance Awareness Month

Kids scream 'Make Them Days Count!' with Corey Thornton at school attendance pep rally JWB

Educational mix-master, Corey Thornton does what he does best - getting kids excited about the importance of school attendance every day through catchy lyrics and musical performances. This video features the EveryDay Counts Attendance Rally at Mt. Vernon Elementary, presented by Corey, the Juvenile Welfare Board, and Pinellas County Schools.

JWB Every Day Counts Kick off Corey Thornton

The Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB) is pleased to collaborate with rap artist Corey Thornton to create an original song, Every Day Counts. The song’s catchy lyrics, boomin’ beat, and powerful message remind Pinellas County students that by attending school today, they will achieve tomorrow!